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California Logo Design MD

The sunny state of California has had various California logo designs that relate one of the many varying traditions and cultures of this rich state. As a state whose name is based on the imaginary earthly paradise a California logo design can be found in the name of the state itself "California".

As California was divided between America and Mexico, Alta California or Upper California is the state that exists as part of America as we see it today. The state motto "Eureka... I have found it!" is in a sense the repetition of the same meaning as both the word Eureka and the phrase "I have found it" are in meaning one and the same. In a heritage perspective the name was initially used by a Greek Mathematician that discovered how to measure the quantity and quality of gold and the fact that initially a wealth of gold was found in the state relates a good California logo design for an organization in the gold related business.

Gold can be used to relate to a number of possible California logo designs. As the historic back drop in which vast quantities of gold were discovered, the golden poppy grows in abundance naturally during spring, golden gate bridge which is a state landmark and the golden sunsets for which the state is popular can all relate to differing California logo designs with a similar basic underlying theme: "GOLD".

As referred to many as the golden state the mineral gold is considered as the states official mineral along with Benitoite which is considered to be the state gem stone could potentially be great basis for the creation of California logo designs for certain jewelry stores that sell these minerals professionally.