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Florida Logo Design MD

A Florida logo design can be based on the nick name "The Sun Shine State" to encourage all the activities related to warmer climates as beach volley ball or surfing. A good Florida logo design for state sports team could be based on the State animal the panther.

As portion of the state has an abundance of citrus based fruits the state drink and state fruit both are Orange juice and oranges respectively. One could create a Florida logo design for energy and good health provided on the basis of the state fruit along with state beverage.

To encourage the preservation of the natural habitat and the wild life of the state, a logo design could be developed on the basis of the endangered species of the Florida state marine mammal the Manatee. In order to motivate the natural inhabitants of the state of a Florida logo design could developed on the basis of the Mockingbird that is known for its unique ability to create beautiful vocals in over 200 varieties and reproduce sounds created by other creatures found in the natural environment of Florida.

Florida the name on its own means "Flowering Easter" which can be used for promotional purposes of the cultural and religious festivities embraced during Easter season one could create a Florida logo design on the definition of the state name. One of the official state salt water mammals is the Dolphin which is among the friendliest oceanic animals and can prove to be a great representative Florida state logo design for ocean based activity purposes.