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Minnesota Logo Design MD

Minnesota translates into "Sky Tinted Water" that represents the Minnesota River and the vast amount of lakes that are present in the state. Now a Minnesota logo design can be created for a bottled water company that could be related to the state or uses its supply of water in order to provide a certain niche product as bottled water originating from Minnesota. Logo designs that are dedicated to the state can also apply the fact that Minnesota is the state where Ice Skating shoes were first invented.

As being among the northern most states of the United States of America "the north star state" has been the official state nick name that could also be used to create a Minnesota logo design that emphasizes on product, services or ideas that originate from the state of Minnesota.

Logo design can be created on the other nick name for the state which is "The Land of 10,000 Lakes". A Minnesota logo design developed on these principles can communicate all the benefits that one can gain as a society from the abundance of water, water related activities or the therapeutic advantages that water has.

"The Star of the North" a name given to Minnesota by the French still exists to date in the form of a motto that could translate into Minnesota logo design that is based on a symbolic star in the sky which can could relate to night time activities or be a symbolic Minnesota logo design that can motivate individuals of the state to strive forward and persevere to push the limits for the greater good of man kind.