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North Dakota Logo Design MD

The Souix used the word Dakota as term for friendship. One could relate a North Dakota logo design for the purpose of portraying themselves as ambassadors of friendliness.

The Wild Prairie Rose could be used in terms of an appealing North Dakota logo design that can relate to aspired senses as love or could inspire someone to apply their artistic skills accordingly.

A very inspirational and patriotic North Dakota logo design can be created on the basis of the state motto: "Liberty and Union Now and Forever, One and Inseparable". This motto can even derive North Dakota logo designs that can imbedded in the minds of the state residents a feeling that someone will be there to give them a hand or that that they all have a mutual belief in the freedoms allowed to them as part of the United States of America.

As being nick named as "The Peace Garden State" a North Dakota logo design can be contrived that promotes an environmentally friendly touch with an emphasis of diplomacy as having the longest border with Canada a nation with which United States has had peaceful relations.

The "Northern Pike" the State fish could prove as an effective North Dakota logo design that encourages seasonal fishing or other water related activities. The naturally abundant "Choke Cherry" that happens to be the state fruit can be another representative for a differing season when the Choke Cherries ripen and one could easily pick them out to eat.