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Ohio Logo Design MD

Ohio in Native American means "Good River" which could relate into an Ohio logo design that can attract attention towards a river in the state that could allow ideas as water boarding or river rafting as well as river diving.

The State motto: "With God All Things Are Possible" is a potential derivative for various Ohio logo designs that appeal to individual's belief system. One could create an inspirational motto that promotes one to never give up and keep on carrying on with an optimistic point of view.

The state nick name that has very admirable origins is "The Buck Eyed State". Due to the fact that Buck Eye trees grow vastly in the state and that Henry Harrison a candidate for the presidential election was defamed by the opposition while telling off Henry to live in a house made from Buck eye trees. Later on supporters Henry Harrison used buck eye nuts and buck eye trees to design a house and used buck eye origin beverages as well as the nuts for promoting Harrison's campaign which was successful. Since this time Ohio is known as the buck eyed state. An Ohio logo design can relate conceptually to the "Buck Eyed State" as one to make the best and better the opponent. This could be applicable in motivating competitive sports that are played in the state of Ohio.

Logo designs can be used to represent historical figures as the assassinated president of America that originated from Ohio President William McKinley who always wore a Red Carnation with his attire.