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Washington Logo Design MD

A state that can pride in its name as being based on the first President of America, George Washington. Logo design can be developed on this heritage alone to promote tourism to all the historic sites.

A very carefully thought out Washington logo design can be taken out of the state motto "Bye Bye". One would have to relate to for example therapy that allows one to quit smoking. So a Bye Bye to smoking Washington logo design is an example of how the motto could create a Washington logo design.

Another tourism promoting Washington logo design can be based on the State nick name of Washington. Logo design could be created through the state nick name the evergreen state which implies year long greenery that could be used to promote tourism that are interested in wild plant life and the eco system it provides for various creatures.

The Killer Whale can be taken as another tourism promoting Washington logo design for individuals that would like to see Killer Whales migrating during differing seasons.

A Willow Gold Finch is the state bird and can be used as a Washington logo design that promotes environmental protection of the natural species and their habitat.

Coast Rhododendron the states official flower could be used in various themes for Washington logo designs. Coast Rhododendron could attract to the aesthetic appeal and visual allure that the Coast Rhododendron would have as a Washington logo design.

Being dubbed as the ever green state Washington logo designs can relate to the state tree the Western Hemlock that naturally grows in the state.