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West Virginia Logo Design MD

Another state that initially took the stance of remaining as part of the British colony and was named after Queen Elisabeth 1st was West Virginia. Logo design can be taken from the more dangerous and powerful state symbolisms.

A West Virginia logo design could be based on the Timber Rattle snake for a competitive fighter in the various arenas as WWE or The Ultimate Fighting Championship for which the wrestler must also hail from West Virginia. Logo design of a similar nature can be created by the state mammal the Black Bear which also could be used to promote a wrestler or a certain athletic sports team.

West Virginia has been nick named as "The Mountain State" from which one can attract tourists that would like to experience the wilderness and mountainous terrain that could be communicated through a West Virginia logo design that can be taken out of the states nick name "The Mountain State".

In order to promote a healthier diet in the state a West Virginia logo design can be created on the basis of the state fruit the apple. The Rhododendron state flower of West Virginia could used as a west Virginia logo design that that help promote protection of the natural environment. Another environmentally friendly West Virginia logo design can be based on the Monarch Butterfly in order to preserve plant life as well as the butterflies echo system.

The state motto: "Mountaineers are always free" can used to create a variety of West Virginia logo designs. Some could encourage adventure in hiking through the green mountainous terrain. Others could promote how a life closer to nature that can allow one to feel free.