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Wisconsin Logo Design MD

Wisconsin is defined as the "Grassy Place" and can encourage cultivation and agriculture in the state through a Wisconsin logo design based on the states name alone.

The Mourning Dove which happens to be the state symbol of "Peace" could be used to promote peace in other various aspects of the state of Wisconsin. The Wisconsin state animal could be used as a Wisconsin logo design in terms of as a mascot. The nick name for Wisconsin also happens to be "The Badger State". Due to the emphasis on the badger in the state a Wisconsin logo design that even wants to represent themselves as a state or even in terms that relate the state to the badger as an effective Wisconsin logo design can be created. Muskellunge state fish can also be a Wisconsin logo design that promotes fishing seasons.

The state motto: "Forward" has the potential to motivate and encourage individuals to strive on ahead no matter how hard it gets and how far it seems.

Cranberries that have been used as a staple diet in the region throughout time in various ways as eating with honey or maple syrup and cooking it with meat; cranberries can as a state representative be an effective Wisconsin logo design that can remind one every time they consume cranberries of the state of Wisconsin.

Logo designs can be created through each individual's unique perception. Not only must the relation between that which is being promoted by a certain logo design but there has to be a unique idea that conceptually culminates into a representative.